Alamo Driving School

Monday – Friday: 9:00 am – 1:00 pm & 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm

21586 IH-35, Schertz, TX 78154


Customer Reviews

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"I enjoyed my training at the Alamo driving school, and the lesson giving to me. I think Mr.G is an above average iíntructor, I would recommend the Alamo driving school to anyone who desires quality driver education."

Thu Ngo

"i had a great experience here. taught me everything i need to know to pass the driving test, and Mr. G was very patient and helpful with all of my questions"

Bethany Rothrock

"I would like to say that Mr. Gee was a great instructor, and I feel like he did a great job drilling into me the things I thought I knew about driving but I didn't He explained everything clearly and would ask if I understood him after his explanation and if not he would go into depth about the topic. He may have been a little hard on people during the lessons and would only be that way if someone's wasn't listening to what he's trying to teach them. If you are just willing to listen and understand what he's saying to you then you will have no problems whatsoever."

Daniel Of 2024

"This driving school was able to work with a busy multi-sport high school athlete. They do not require the students to do simulations, which is NOT required by the Department of Public Safety as of this posting. The instructor is about teaching real world driving situations to better prepare the students, not just to pass a test. Nice thing, not only they picked up the students at school, but dropped them off at their residence too! No waiting in a crowded parking lot to pick up your child from driver's ed."


"My son attended the Alamo Driving School and feels very successful and confident with the knowledge he acquired and driving skills. He is glad he enrolled in this class instead of the online course. If you want your child to be confident in driving, the Alamo Driving School is the place to send your child. Mr. Gibson provides excellent customer service, is very flexible, and goes the extra mile for his students."

Michelle Hilliard

"Mr. Gibson, also the owner of the driving school, is a good driving instructor. I had zero driving experience, literally never even stepped on a gas pedal and steered an actual car my whole life. He taught me from the basics to passing the road test, and I felt huge learning progress each lesson.
The Prius was comfortable and clean. The location of the driving school is a bit confusing for first-timers. The school office is on the ground floor of CubeSmart Self Storage, right next to the Prius. You just walk through the open gate and the first business is the school."

Isaiah Kwan

"Went through the 6 hour course that Skip puts out. He was a very professional and understanding instructor. The best thing about the whole experience was the personal consideration that he had towards me as a student. He got me in and did a baseline on the knowledge and skill that I had and build the training based on that. If, I had to take a driving course again, I would do it with him. But, I passed so... Thanks a lot Skip!"

J Garcia

"Mr. G is a fantastic instructor and helped me to become much more comfortable and confident on the road. He works with your schedule and provides great tips and lessons while you’re behind the wheel. I highly recommend"

Adam Lawrence

"Took 6 hours of lessons after 2 years of not driving and had a lot of driving anxiety. At the beginning of the first lesson I was incredibly anxious but by the 6th hour The instructor had me driving comfortably and with confidence On highways and even downtown."

A. Brady

"My granddaughter attended the driving training program this summer. She had a wonderful experience and displays a very high level of competency driving with me. I am extremely impress with her knowledge and skill she exhibits driving in all traffic conditions. I contribute this level of skill and abilities to the outstanding driving training she received from Alamo Driving School. Great job! Thanks!"

Rodney Charles

"I wouldn’t have gone anywhere else. If you want to became a great defensive driver this is the best place to learn. Mr.Gee will not fail to make you the best driver you can be!"


"Did parent taught with my son, then decided on this place. So glad I did it my son is actually learning and likes driving now. I think it makes such a huge difference when someone outside the family is the instructor. Don't make my mistake, enroll your teen here!"

nathan A

"my instructor Mr.G did an amazing job on teaching me everything i need to know while being behind the wheel. some instructors don’t care about their students like Mr.G does.I recommend this school for everyone"

oscar cruz

"Very experienced instructor , Certified , Caring , He exerts all possible effort to make the driving journey as smooth as possible .. He provides transportation to class for really little charges .. He will not leave you till you pass your written exam and avoid losing points for the road test ! Have fun driving next to Mr G .. You will get what you pay for .. Thanks Mr G !"

youssef eskandar

"He was a great teacher, has a very good understanding about road rules and regulations"

Isaac Chaney

Ivana Georgieva