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21586 IH-35, Schertz, TX 78154

Welcome to Alamo Driving School

Driver Safety Begins with Proper Education.

We are a driver training school with certified and professional Driving Instructors and our training facility is State Approved and DPS Certified. We are locally owned and operated in Schertz, Texas.


Equips individuals with the expertise to effectively teach driving skills through comprehensive instruction and hands-on practice.


Provides essential coverage to protect drivers financially in case of accidents, damages, or liabilities while operating a vehicle.

Road Safety

Offers essential tips and guidelines to promote safe driving practices and prevent accidents on the road.


An official permit allowing individuals to legally operate vehicles on public roads, confirming their competency in driving skills.


Years of


Years of

Transform Your Driving Skills with Us

The founder of Alamo Driving School, Eddie “Mr. G” Gibson, lived in Anchorage, Alaska for 25 years. After being honorably discharged from the military with 28 years of service, he became a Driving Safety instructor with the US Postal Service.
As Alaska District’s DSI (Driving Safety Instructor), Mr. Gibson served all of the postal facilities in Alaska with their needs for driver training for 15 years. He taught newly assigned postal workers the fundamentals and techniques of safely driving various postal vehicles.
Eddie “Mr. G” Gibson

driver training needs

We are a DPS Third Party Driver Training Facility dedicated to those who want to learn how to drive an automobile. We are a one-stop, shopping facility. Consequently, we provide all facets of automobile driver training. We can handle all of your driver training needs. Call us for more details on the type of driver training you desire.
Our motto is:
Nobody Does It Better.
We take our students from Zero to Hero.

Develop Skill

Why You Should Choose Our Driving school?

Choose our driving school for a roadworthy journey ahead. Our expert instructors prioritize your safety, offering tailored lessons to suit your learning pace and style. With modern vehicles and comprehensive curriculum, we ensure you gain the confidence and skills needed to navigate any road. Join us and embark on the path to becoming a skilled and responsible driver.

Expert Instructors

Our driving school boasts experienced and qualified instructors who prioritize your learning and safety.

Commitment to Excellence

We are dedicated to your success, committed to helping you become a safe, responsible, and confident driver for life.

Customer Reviews

See What Students are Talking About?

"I enjoyed my training at the Alamo driving school, and the lesson giving to me. I think Mr.G is an above average iíntructor, I would recommend the Alamo driving school to anyone who desires quality driver education."


"I wouldn’t have gone anywhere else. If you want to became a great defensive driver this is the best place to learn. Mr.Gee will not fail to make you the best driver you can be!"



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Develop Your Driving Skill to Join the Course

We teach our students the most current fundamentals and techniques to operate an automobile on our streets and highways. Here’s the good part about what we do; We give our students more in value for driver training than what is paid in price!!

Road Test

A pulse-pounding adventure that puts your skills to the ultimate test on the open ro

Driver Improvement

A targeted approach to enhancing driving skills and promoting road safety through interactive sessions and practical exercises.

Parallel Parking

The art of skillfully maneuvering into tight spaces alongside curbs, testing precision and spatial awareness.

Defensive Driving Course for Self Improvement

A proactive program aimed at enhancing driving skills and safety through practical techniques and insightful sessions. Ideal for drivers seeking to boost confidence and mitigate risks on the road.

Driver's Education for Mature Adults

Specialized instruction tailored to seasoned drivers, offering updated road rules and advanced driving techniques for safer, more confident driving.

Be Extra Careful in Bad Weather

Don’t Over Speeding

Don't Follow Too Closely

Avoid All Distractions

Wear Your Seat Belt

Schedule Your Driving Lessons with us and Becomes a Pro Driver Now.


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